Naturealle X Chef Adhira

On 16th March, Natureallé and Chef Adhira, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, certified nutritionist, and professional food consultant, collaborated to host a healthy cooking workshop. Held at the esteemed Alexandria Tavern in the Pharos Hotel, Chennai, the event invites 25 attendees keen to delve into the realm of tasty and nutritious foods. This workshop was a blend of knowledge and experience, infused with a passion for food and wellness aimed to alter the way our participants perceive produce and nutrition.


Chef Adhira’s approach to healthy cooking supports her belief that nourishing the body can be a fun experience. The session combined informative discussions with interactive cooking, during which Adhira shared nourishing recipes made using ingredients from Natureallé, providing both sensory delights and muscle food.

Throughout the event, attendees could taste delicious dishes and actively participate in salad-making sessions guided by Chef Adhira herself. Her insights on healthy eating resonated with the audience, as she shared the numerous benefits of choosing natural, organic, and sustainable products over the mass-produced alternatives commonly found in supermarkets. The recipes prepared during the workshop showcased the incredible flavours that can be achieved when using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. The workshop served as a reminder that every meal is an opportunity to nourish both body and soul while supporting ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

As part of the interactive session at the workshop with Chef Adhira, salad-making took centre stage, featuring fresh produce and an array of flavourful ingredients from Natureallé.

At Natureallé, our team strives to ensure the authenticity of our brands. We offer a thoughtfully curated collection of domestically produced goods and by partnering with them for the workshop, we not only uphold our commitment to supporting domestic economies and reducing the environmental impact but consistently ensure our mission is synonymous with our ethos.