Our founder, Samyuktha Adityan, comes from a background steeped in Ayurveda and holistic health. Her mother, Sujatha Ramachandran, is an avid believer and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and holistic health and has been running Ayurvedic clinics for over 22 years. Samyuktha absorbed this system of Wellness from a young age, experiencing first-hand its healing touch, which she grew to understand and appreciate passionately as an adult. This inspired the growth of a platform aimed at inculcating a culture of simplicity, appreciation, and peace in an ever-changing, pollution-ridden, chemical-oriented, and fast-moving world.

 Many saw their lives dramatically affected and altered during the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus’ far-reaching effects impacted people across the globe, with paradigm shifts at the workplace and home.

 As one of the many who experienced the disease first-hand, the journey back to pre-Covid health was a tumultuous one for Samyuktha. She soon found herself wholeheartedly immersed in the subject of alternative and complementary lifestyles. She wished to create a safe space specially curated for those interested in pursuing a more holistic way of living oriented towards nature.

 Her experience inspired this platform, and she hopes that Natureallé becomes a unifying source of health and help to all.

 The name Natureallé was created by combining the words ‘Nature’ with the French word ‘Alle’ (to go), which signifies movement and inclination towards the environment.

 Natureallé serves as an E-commerce health aggregator and platform for alternative and complementary lifestyles, focusing on being natural, organic, sustainable and ayurvedic. The goal is to enable the shift from ignorance to action and integration into one’s lifestyle to be seamless, organic, and wholesome. It is also a platform that works towards community building and strengthening. Samyuktha endeavours to create a supportive forum that works together towards reducing the carbon footprint and the pillars of sustainability.

Natureallé’s philosophy considers the importance of one’s physical health as well as the physical health of future generations, the importance of one’s mental health and the earth's health at large.