Holistic lifestyles are a way to live in optimal health and have a harmonious and peaceful relationship with one’s body in balance with nature and all living things. The principles of how to do so can be dated back to the Vedic era, roughly the 2nd century BC, and can be seen in our ancient texts. Hindu Philosophical teachings speak of the importance of external and internal balance, and this balance could be achieved through the combined practices of Ayurveda and Yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit means unity. It is a philosophy that gives us a practical approach to calming the disturbances of the mind. Ayurveda is the Science of life and living. Yoga and Ayurveda teach how harmony can be attained both within the body and externally through simple everyday practices.  

When we speak of holistic lifestyles, we talk of nature-based living and how the elements of the universe or the Panchabhootas, namely earth, fire, wind, water, and space, act in coordination and affect living beings. The world works in a rhythm, and a balance of all energies is required to sustain a healthy, peaceful, and vibrant ecosystem. 

Over the years, humans have polluted their bodies and surroundings with the vociferous use of chemicals, processed products and other pollutants. This has led to severe imbalances in our ecosystem, reflecting physical and mental diseases and the deterioration of our environment, and ushering in the urgent need to live sustainably and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Naturealle’s philosophy is to create awareness about our ancient traditions in an easily consumable and understandable form and seamlessly integrate these positive practices and experiences in one’s day-to-day life to create balance and harmony. It is a blend of the old with the new or  

To move forward by going back to our roots.

By creating a platform conducive to building awareness, Naturealle aims to develop and encourage the coming together of like-minded individuals to usher in a new age of kindness, acceptance, peace, and love that would ultimately inspire a shift to the new normal. Humans are most at peace when they come together to work towards a larger purpose, and Naturealle hopes to inspire a step closer towards this new normal. 

 A normal in which kindness to one’s neighbors and all living beings go hand in hand with compassion for oneself, a normal in which earth-friendly practices meet body and mind-friendly practices, and a normal in which we collectively work towards a more sustainable future.