Natureallé Beach Clean up 2023

Natureallé Beach Clean up 2023

Natureallé was founded on the principles of preservation, sustainability, community building, revival of culture and promoting holistic living and we wanted our launch to be synonymous with that ethos.

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Importance of Beach Clean up

Before we can make things better, we need to undo some of the damage we've caused. Our beaches didn't get dirty on their own - human intervention played a part, and it's only right that human intervention brings about change. The mess we leave behind leads to the accumulation of harmful micro-plastics, wreaking havoc on our precious natural ecosystem.

Did you know that 1 in 5 ocean-caught fish carries microplastics, posing a risk to anyone who consumes them? Not to mention the danger to fellow beachgoers and animals - broken glass, plastic, cigarette butts - it's a hazard we shouldn't ignore. This trash also robs us of a stunning natural beauty.

Beach cleanups are our chance to safeguard marine life and raise awareness. Hopefully, the next time someone reaches for a plastic bag, they'll pause to ponder the impact on our planet. Let's be the change our oceans deserve.

We teamed up with The Exnora International Foundation and The Satsang Foundation to clean Kanathur Beach. The presence of all our Natureallies on a hot Saturday afternoon truly exemplified the impact of what can be achieved as a community when we take small steps forward, together. Standing together for good causes holds power.

We are proud to say that our first sustainability venture was a success. We were supported by other like minded businesses like the serious sweets with food and Design Quotient with decor.

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