The Herb Boutique The Wellness Tea Box

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Relish the goodness of these antioxidant-rich healthy infusions with mesmerizing fruity, herbal and botanical teas. This assortment of teas is specially made to elevate your health and serves as a perfect gift for tea lovers. This pack consists six exotic blends suitable to every palate.

Handmade, Organic, Economical and Effective.

1. Lavender Buds -lavender flower buds dried
2. Chamomile Buds- chamomile flower buds dried
3. Detox Tea - Cinnamon, Ginger, Tulsi, Spearmint & Green Tea
4. Weightloss Tea - Lemon Peel, Fennel, Ginger, Licorice, Seabuckthorn Leaves, Lemongrass & Green Tea
5. Tulsi Cha - Holy Basil & Green Tea
6. Strawberry Green Tea - Strawberry, Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Marigold, Vanilla & Green Tea

They don't contain chemicals harmful to human health or the environment.

1. Lavender Buds -36 Months
2. Chamomile Buds - 36 Months
3. Detox Tea -36 Months
4. Weightloss Tea -36 Months
5. Tulsi Cha - 36 Months
6. Strawberry Green Tea - 36 Months

The Herb Boutique

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Everything needed

this package is everything I need to keep me sane.

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