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Rich, decadent and smooth, this classic ready-to-mix has a health twist- the goodness of the finest antioxidant-rich cocoa beans, paired with the gut-strengthening power of plant fibres- 'Prebiotics'. Our premium ‘Prebiotic Hot Chocolate dissolves effortlessly into a cup of warm deliciousness!

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are plant fibres that act as a fuel for the good bacteria in our gut. They improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and overall gut functions while helping ward off illnesses. We use Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) as our prebiotic ingredient. These are plant fibres extracted from soybeans, papaya, and citrus fruits. It is indigestible, thus causing no blood sugar spikes. It travels intact to the large intestine where they support the growth of healthy bacteria.

Its subtle sweetness and health benefits make our dark chocolate perfectly palatable for the entire family, keeping everyone healthy & happy.

Tummy-friendly chocolates with naturally extracted prebiotic fibre
Contains naturally occurring Vitamin D & Zinc
No additives or preservatives
100% fat-reduced Real Cocoa rich in antioxidants

Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder(99.98%), Fructo- oligosaccharides(3%), Contains Added Natural and Artificial Vanilla Flavouring substances


12 months

Buttercup Chocolate Pvt Ltd

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