Sitaram Ayurveda Ksheerabala 101 Caps 100Nos (Prescription Medication)

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Avartana’ is a mode of potentiation of herbal drugs, unique to the Ayurvedic principles of drug designing. In Ksheerabala, a base of sesame oil is repeatedly processed with the healing properties of Bala and Ksheera, 101 times. The intense vata hara property of Bala and Pitta samana property of Ksheera are a hundred times potencified in the resulting Avarti preparation.The product has prime action in healing and nourishing degenerative bone tissue. It has intense ‘vata-hara’ action and relieves the various signs and symptoms of deranged vata like pain, dryness, weakness and loss of function

Management Of Pain Associated With Degenerative Disorders Of Spine And Joints. Nerve Debility, Muscle Wasting And Emaciation. Relieves Headache Brought On By Migraine Attacks, Stress And Anxiety.

Sesame Oil , Bala (Sida Cordifolia) , Goksheera (Cow’S Milk),

2 years

Sitaram Ayurveda Pvt Ltd

Door no : 24/366, Near KB Ladies Hostel , Chakkamukku , Poonkunnam , Thrissur , Kerala,68004

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Good Quality

A blessing for those with joint issues.

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