Earth Story Farms Pickles Gur er Mishti Aam Gur Kaeri Sweet Mango Jaggery 200 g

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What’s better than Aam ka achaar? Meetha Aam ka achaar! After toying with a hundred sweet mango recipes from all parts of country, we seem to have finally found the way to a million hearts. The ESF Gur Aam packs a punch, our hearts, along with some Calcium, Iron and Dietary Fibres that help improving haemoglobin levels, strengthen bones and keep hunger pangs away.

The ESF Gur Aam is best enjoyed with a paratha, daal chawal and even a taco. We even tossed our salad in it and boy it was heavenly. Go ahead and dig in to our Gur Aam. It’s truly what dreams are made of.

Benefits of ESF Desi Achaars:

Hand-picked, premium Ingredients
No preservatives
Made in small batches
Good for lactose intolerants
Rich in probiotics, antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and K
Build immunity and improves Digestion
Ensure great gut and bone health

Mango, jaggery, salt, edible oil, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, spices, love

Add a spoonful to your daily meals
Add to your marinades for achaari tikkas or add in cooking


12 months

Earth Story Farms Pvt. Ltd.

MB 65, Mahisbathan Road. Krishnapur. Kolkata - 700102

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