Earth Story Farms Palm Jaggery Liquid

Size: 400g
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"Native to the Indian subcontinent, Palmyra Palm Jaggery or Palm Sugar is made from extracted sap of the robust palmyra palm tree. The sap is traditionally obtained by tapping the top shoots and collecting the dripping juice in earthen pots. Our raw palmyra jaggery has low Glycemic Index of 35 making it an ideal healthy sweetener. It is also rich in Vitamin B Complex, Iron & Calcium and has traditionally been used in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties. What make the ESF Palm Jaggery different are
It is 100% natural.
We make it the artisanal way.
It contains no added sugar or chemicals.

Now you can enjoy your favourite Palm Jaggery or Taal Gur in a liquid form.

Use it as a drizzle on your pancakes, as a spread with your roti and parantha, or as a sweetener for your desserts."

Low Glycemic Index
Good for diabetics
Healthy chemical free sweetener
Loaded with essential minerals

Palm jaggery

Sweetener for your tea, coffee or health drink
Replacement of sugar for your daily cooking
Make your desserts with this chemical free, natural sweetener.


12 months

Earth Story Farms Pvt. Ltd.

MB 65, Mahisbathan Road. Krishnapur. Kolkata - 700102

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