Earth Story Farms Date Jaggery Powder

Size: 400g
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Khejur Gur or the Date Jaggery powder is the granular version of the liquid Nolen Gur. What starts as the sap extracted from the date palm tree, is reduced to thick gooey consistency and then further solidified to create small cubes of the Patali Gur that we so crave for as the winter approaches.

At ESF, we go the artisan way to make our Nolen Gur not only worth waiting for, but also unforgettable. What make the ESF Nolen Gur different are

It is 100% natural.

We make it the artisanal way.

It contains no added sugar or chemicals.

The Patali Gur has a wide array of uses; as an ingredient in sweets like roshogolla, Sandesh, coconut laddoo or as a dessert after a hearty meal.

Low Glycemic Index
Good for diabetics
Healthy chemical free sweetener
Loaded with essential minerals

Date jaggery

Sweetener for your tea, coffee or health drink
Replacement of sugar for your daily cooking
Make your desserts with this chemical free, natural sweetener.


12 months

Earth Story Farms Pvt. Ltd.

MB 65, Mahisbathan Road. Krishnapur. Kolkata - 700102

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