Sitaram Ayurveda Chyavanaprasam 450 Grm (Prescription Medication)

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Chyavanprasa is a sweet semi-solid preparation widely acclaimed for its rejuvenative and vitalising properties.With Amla (Indian gooseberry) as its main ingredient, digestive and appetiteinducing properties, in a satiating base of milk, ghee, sesame oil and candy sugar. it nourishes the body in a wholesome manner and may be substituted for ameal in persons with a healthy digestive apparatus.The confection in therapeutic doses is a potent immunomodulator; and isindicated as a remedy for convalescing patients, in chronic cough and cold,allergies and debilitating inflammatory disorders.The rich antioxidant content proactively halts the wear and tear of ageing andvisibly reduces greys and wrinkles with long term use.

Boosts Immunity, Purifies Blood, Delays Signs Of Ageing, Improves Focus, Good Source Of Iron And Vit. C

Amla Indian Gooseberry (Embilica Officinalis),Aswagandha Winter Cherry(Withania Somnifera),Shatavari Asparagus(Asparagus Racemosus),Trikatu

3 years

Sitaram Ayurveda Pvt Ltd

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Customer Reviews

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Abhishek A.R Balaji
Good one

Having this leghyam twice a day! Tasses strong and good.

Lekshmi John
Good product

This is the best immunity booster that I consume a spoon daily.

Effective One!

My school going son consumes this medicine regularly to improve his focus .

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