Bamboo Haat Recycled Paper Plantable Pencil

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Using Cedar wood pencils leads to deforestation on a large scale, leading to adverse environmental crisis. Using recycle paper pencil helps in reducing the use of timber, which can directly create a huge positive impact on the environment

1. Ergonomic Design: Round in shape they are more comfortable for writing for longer times. They get their round shape because of the manufacturing process where the recycled paper is wrapped tightly around the graphite
2. Durable: They do not break during sharpening. Paper pencils are strong and as good as wooden pencils

1. Eco-Friendly: No new materials are required in manufacturing these pens, as we are reusing waste papers and protecting the environment. The paper is completely bio-degradable, so no pollution problem.
2. Reduced de-forestation: These pens are made from recycled paper and not from tree wood thus saving billions of trees to be cut down.
3. Increased Afforestation: These pens are embedded with vegetable/fruit/flower seeds. After the purpose of these pens to be used as a writing instrument is served, we can just bury it in the mud pot and the seeds grow into new saplings or plants.
4. use and grow instead of use and thri: Pen have seeds at the back of them. Once too short to write or the pen is out of ink, they can be grown into plants.

Recycled Paper


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Excellent Eco-friendly gifting option.

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