Praakritik's approach to food production is truly commendable. By prioritising a connection between consumers and their food source, they're not just offering nourishment but also fostering community and trust. Their commitment to organic farming and pesticide-free cultivation ensures the health and well-being of consumers and demonstrates respect for the environment and sustainable agricultural practices. Emphasising collaboration with local farmers highlights Praakritik's dedication to empowering communities and supporting small-scale agriculture. 

Praakritik’s farms are spread across villages in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Farm-fresh vegetables and fruits are sourced from small interior villages of Maharashtra Sanghli & Satara belt, providing livelihood opportunities and advocating traditional farming methods such as crop rotation. Using biofertilizers like cow dung and cow urine, they also refrain from using tractors on the land to save the earthworms and preserve local biodiversity. Moreover, their focus on the journey of food production, rather than just the end product, reflects a holistic understanding of the food system, acknowledging the importance of every step from soil cultivation to harvest and emphasising transparency and integrity in food production.

Praakritik, meaning "of nature," was founded by Dharmishtha Goenka's aunt, Richa, who initially supported a single gaushala. Recognising the benefits of Desi Gir Cows, Richa believed in the importance of natural products for every household. Starting from her own home, she supplied hand-churned Vedic processed ghee, promoting its health advantages. Richa also imparted to Dharmishtha the significance of cow's milk, dung, and urine in farming practices.

Following Richa's lead, Praakritik endeavours to educate both farmers and consumers about the benefits of organic farming. They raise awareness of organic farming methods via social media to teach people how to distinguish between organic and non-organic products. By advocating for the adoption of organic practices, they empower farmers to cultivate organically while encouraging consumers to embrace organic products gradually. 

Praakritik's team collaborates closely with farmers in the fields, meticulously selecting, sorting, and preparing fruits, vegetables, and staples for delivery to customers' doorsteps.

Praakritik persists in aiding numerous farmers and gaushalas, providing clean, natural, and organic produce to consumers. Their objective is to establish an ecosystem that ensures both the availability and affordability of organic products while facilitating a direct supply chain from farmer to consumer, ensuring fair trade for farmers. They firmly believe that true prosperity stems from nurturing a green and flourishing Earth.